Top 5 Places to Visit in 2017

If you are planning a dream vacation in 2017, you need to know the superlative destinations to consider. The world has amazing destinations that you are yet to explore. And like my friend at the Appliance Repair San Antonio says, with so many options, narrowing down the bucket list is quite overwhelming. Nevertheless, the task becomes easier when you have an already narrowed down list to choose from.

Here are the top 5 places that you should consider visiting this year:


1. Paris

Paris is one of the most visited places in the world. In this city, the past and present intermingle in such an intangible way. As a first time visitor, you can spend time in Paris visiting historical sites like Chateau de Versailles, Eiffel Tower, and Arc de Triomphe. However, you should visit Paris severally to enjoy its world-famous cuisine, unforgettable atmosphere, and chic districts.

2. London

The dizzying range of sounds, smells, and sights mingle with the contemporary and antique in London. Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey captivate visitors that are intrigued by the London’s royal family while modern highlights like the Portobello Road Market and the West End Theatre District appeal to the culture hounds. Regardless of the side of this city that appeals to your heart, its decorum and culture remains timeless.

3. Porto

This coastal city in Portugal has world-class travel destination elements. These include a charming architecture, striking shoreline, and historic sites. Port wine adds to this as a unique export from this city. Porto has been nicknamed as the City of Bridges due to its iron bridges that include the Dom Luis I Bridge that was designed by a Gustave Eiffel’s student. You can opt to enjoy the view of such amazing structures or relax along the beaches. You can also sample the unique port wine at the historic cellars in the city.

4. Sydney

This Australian city has more to offer than the iconic attractions that include the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Sydney is part laid-back beach city, part cultural retreat, and part sprawling metropolis with numerous facets that appeal to different travelers. Landlubbers and surfers can play along the Bondi Beach while amateur photographers snap pictures from the Mrs. Macquarie’s chair. History buffs can indulge in the tour of the Hyde Park Barrack’s Museum. Generally, Sydney has something for any traveler regardless of their interest.

5. Rome

This is one of the top places to visit in 2017. Historians have always debated the mystic roots of Rome. However, travelers find something mysterious about this Eternal City. This may include the ruins of Roman Forum and the Colosseum ghosts. This capital of Italy has influenced architecture, government, and art since the time of the Roman Empire. Currently, the city remains a cosmopolitan city with award-winning cuisine, business, and fashion that complement ancient historic sites that the city is known for.

If you are planning your 2017 vacation, consider these world-class travel destinations.

Hobbies You Can Learn When Traveling

Traveling can be a hobby. However, there are many travel-inspired hobbies that you can pick up on the road. Taking up new hobbies outside your work comes with many benefits. When you engage in an enjoyable activity that is not related to your work, you relax better. Your stress level reduces and your creativity can increase. But, what hobbies can you learn or pick up when traveling? Here are some of the activities and interests to consider. 


For some people, photography becomes a new hobby automatically. That’s because they want to document their memories and experiences. If you find this hobby interesting, you can develop it further upon returning from the trip. In addition to enabling you to take quality photos like a pro, photography can also become a career that will generate you some income. 


If you love art, drawing is a hobby that you can learn when traveling. You just need some colored pencils and a sketchbook to start drawing. People that are naturally talented or with art background can easily use drawing as a hobby that enables them to record scenes, people, and places they encounter when traveling. 


Traveling can take a toll on your mental and physical wellbeing. However, you can use yoga to solve this. Use your time away to learn and practice ancient yoga movements. This will benefit you physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


Learning writing as a hobby can be rewarding. And, writing is a travel-friendly hobby. You just need a tablet or laptop or a small notebook and a pen to start writing as a travel hobby. 

These are simple hobbies that you can learn or pick when traveling. They are not tiresome and they can make long flight hours less boring. And, you can develop these hobbies into rewarding careers after the trip.

A Guide for Staying Safe When Traveling

Today, an increasing number of people store and share their personal information online. While it offers greater convenience, such practices have also created better opportunities for a series of criminal activities like identity theft and fraud. The following are some of the best tips on how to stay safe from such fears when traveling. 

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi 

Public internet is a playground for fraudsters that you should try to avoid as much as possible. Although airlines, hotels and other public spaces offer free internet, you need to be very cautious about using public Wi-Fi. Instead of public Wi-Fi, consider setting up your Wi-Fi hotspot or carrying a portable router. 

Be Cautious with Your Social Media Posts 

Many criminals today also track their victims using social media posts. While you can share pictures and information about your adventures, avoid sharing details about your location and agenda during the trip. 

Secure Your Devices with Passwords and Trackers 

When traveling, it is also important to password protect your smartphone and other tech devices. That will prevent unauthorized access to your personal information and other sensitive materials on the devices. Installing tracking devices can also help with locating them in case of theft or loss. 

Make Copies of Sensitive Travel Documents 

There are various travel documents that you may be required to carry when traveling including passport, medical insurance, driver’s license, and others. Before departure, make sure that you make copies of all the documents. That will ensure easy reference in case they are lost during the trip. 

The above guidelines will help you to avoid security breaches, cases of fraud and other safety challenges commonly experienced when traveling. Researching about the destination beforehand can also enable you to know the safety measures to take for the trip. Overall, proper planning is always critical to safe and enjoyable trips. 

How to Find Love when Traveling

Some people say that traveling is a time to let loose and not a good time for forming relationships. On the contrary, there are thousands of people who have found love and life partners through traveling. Excursions provide great opportunities for those seeking love to find compatible mates. The following are key ways on how to find love when traveling. 

Travel in Groups

Traveling the world in the company of different people with whom you share common interests is one of the best ways for increasing your chances of finding a suitable love partner. Group trips like single tours offer ample opportunities for interacting with people that share your interests on a personal level, hence, making it easier to build intimate relationships. 

Go on Adventure Trips 

Adventure trips entail a series of challenging activities that often require teamwork like mountain climbing, surfing, and hiking. Just the simple act of being there and cheering each other on can create a great rapport for starting conversations that would lead to strong bonds. 

Consider Visiting Romantic Destinations 

Sometimes, all you need to get a love partner is being in the right place. There are numerous romantic getaways around the world including Paris, London, Greece, and the Maldives among others that you can visit. In the course of your trip to these places, love might be next-door just waiting for you to knock. 

Interact Along the Way 

As they say, a faint heart never won a woman. So, stop keeping to yourself when traveling. Instead, make it a challenge to interact with people other than just fellow travelers along the way. Deep conversations with people on long trains and flights provide a better opportunity for getting to know each other and building chemistry. However, do not become a bother. If someone does not want to interact with you, simply mind your business. 

With the above ideas and an open mind, finding love when traveling could be the least of your worries. Plan early, wear your love claws and enjoy the moment while it lasts. 




Tips for Traveling with Your Girlfriend

Traveling with your girlfriend is not like any other ordinary trip. Besides just giving you an ample time to connect with each other, it also shows you how your lives together would be. As such, it is an adventure that requires proper thought before heading out. Here are tips to assist you in executing a memorable trip with your girlfriend.

Decide How You Want to Travel

Even after spending so much time together, you may not really understand how your partner likes to travel. And, that will have a significant impact on the experience. To ensure that the trip is enjoyable to both, be open about your travel styles and keep them in mind when making the plan. Nevertheless, travel according to your preferences and budget.

Start Planning Ahead

While you may agree on a number of things, ideas can change before the trip. Besides, you may also face situations that force you to postpone the trip, change destination, flights among other things. Planning ahead will ensure that you are both fully prepared for the trip when the date of travel comes.

Act Modestly

Traveling with your girlfriend is no doubt a great opportunity for unique romantic experiences. However, there are some places where public display of affection and exposing too much skin is considered disrespectful. For your safety, just try to act modest while in public spaces.

Present Yourselves as a Couple

Being seen as a couple earns you some level of respect and confidence than when you are separated. Presenting yourselves as a couple could also enable you get discounts and other amazing offers at hotels and when shopping.  But, it is also important to remember that it is necessary to give each other some personal time.

Just like any other trips, traveling with your girlfriend may not be the easiest thing. Embrace the fact that sometimes, things may not go as planned and enjoy each other’s company.

What You Should Know when Traveling with Medication

Most travelers do not think about tossing their routine prescription medicines or aspirin into their travel bags. However, traveling with any medication requires careful planning and thinking. What most travelers don’t know is that some over-the-counter medications and prescription medicines may be illegal in some places.

What’s more, it’s important to ensure that your over-the-counter medicine or prescription drugs are travel-ready before the trip.

Conduct Some Research

If you intend to cross international boarders during the trip and carry medication for a serious health issue or a chronic disease, find out whether you will be allowed to pass security checks. Remember that guidelines for different medications vary from one country to another. What may be legal in your country might be illegal in another country.

Note that, while some over-the-counter and prescription medications are legal in the United States, they may be controlled or unlicensed in other countries. For instance, some sinus and allergy medications as well as inhalers are illegal in Japan while legal in the United States. There are also strict narcotics regulations in the United Arabs Emirates that have made many travelers have troubles with law enforcers.

Possible Consequences

Each country has different rules that regulate how people travel with medications. Consequences are also different though they are serious in most places with strict laws. For instance, you can have the medication confiscated if caught. This can affect your treatment if you don’t get the medication.

You can also face stiff penalties that include drug trafficking charges and subsequent imprisonment. Therefore, to avoid trouble with the authorities at your travel destination, conduct some research before you travel. Take appropriate steps to comply with the rules that govern how people travel with medication before and during the trip.

Ignorance is no defense. Therefore, conduct some research before you travel to avoid violating laws that govern how people travel with medications at your destination.

Tips that Take Stress Out of Travel Planning

Travel planning is not enjoyable to every traveler. The details that are involved in the planning process make it tricky especially for travelers with tight schedules. Nevertheless, it’s possible to plan your trip with ease if you know what to do. Here are useful trips that take stress out of travel planning.

Take Enough Time to Plan the Trip

Planning a trip requires time. However, this may not be possible when taking a quick getaway. But, if possible, take time to plan your trip. This allows you to research things like air ticket prices, accommodation at your destination, as well as the best things to do and see. It also lets you know what you can do and where you can get help in case the unexpected happens during the trip.

Address Physical or Medical Concerns

If you take medications on regular basis or if you have a medical or physical concern, address it before you leave. Get adequate medication and information about it. Know how to respond if the problem escalates when traveling as well as how and where to get assistance.

Pack Medical Record and Medical Kit

If you don’t carry medical record and medical kit, you put yourself at a significant risk in case something goes wrong. If you can’t speak the local language, it’s particularly important that you have something to assist you in case of emergency. Medical record will particularly let the medical team know the best way to treat you. This will enhance your survival odds and make their job easier.

Know Where and How to get Medical Help

Conduct some research to know where and how to get medical help when traveling. This is even more important when traveling with young ones. Also know if your health insurance will cover you when traveling. If you want to visit different destinations, conduct some research about each of them.

Pack like an Experienced Traveler

Packing like an experienced traveler ensures that you have the items that you will need during the trip without making your luggage heavy. Your will be torn between packing your favorite items and leaving them behind. Therefore, take time to decide what you will really need when traveling.

Follow these tips and you will find travel planning easier.

Reasons to Consider Cruise Travel

Reasons to Consider Cruise Travel

If you enjoy vacations that incorporate more adventure, cruise travel might be the right choice for you. Cruises provide a unique way to travel. In fact, your cruise travel can be jam-packed with memorable stories and adventure.

Unlike other vacations, cruise travel enables you to journey through sensational areas. Your trip will also be about traveling only.

Cruise Travel Provides Unique Journeys

When cruising, you get an opportunity to see things that other travelers don’t see. When you sit on a deck, stunning nature and vast ocean surrounds you. Your eyes will be peeled for breathtaking wildlife and jaw-dropping vistas.

Cruise travel will also take you to some of the most fascinating places in the world. These can be in South America, Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Africa, Mediterranean or the Norwegian Fjords.

Cruise Travel Offers Amazing Shore Excursions

During your cruise travel, you get a chance to venture wide and far onboard a ship. What’s more, you hop off the ship to explore amazing inland areas. Whenever the cruise ship stops or anchors up at a port, you get a chance to go on an excursion. This allows you to explore local areas and have more fun. Many cruise providers include organized excursions in their itineraries. To ensure that you get the most from your cruise travel, plan carefully before you set off.

Meet and Interact with New People

Another reason to consider cruise travel is the opportunity to meet and interact with new people. Since you spend much of your time onboard as cruise ship, you get time to share experiences. What’s more, you meet and interact with like-minded people that love cruise travels.

Basically, some people see cruise travel as a lazy vacation. However, this form of travel provides great opportunities for exploring new places. You get a chance to sail across the ocean, meet new people, and experience new cultures. These are the basic ingredients of an amazing and memorable adventure.


A Guide for Travelers with Disabilities

A Guide for Travelers with Disabilities

Anybody that wants to explore can travel with ease in the contemporary world. That’s because the world has improved and made adventure possible even for travelers with disabilities. Nevertheless, people with disabilities need to consider their situations carefully when choosing the attractions to visit as well as places to dine and sleep. Here are tips that will make you to have the best travel experience when traveling if you have a disability.

Plan ahead

To enhance the success of your trip, plan ahead. Know the best places to visit and how accessible they are. Essentially, do your research in advance. When you do homework, you will find accessible routes, accessible accommodations, and accessible tourist attractions. These are some of the things that will make your travel experience wonderful.

Book reservations in advance

Booking an accessible accommodation in advance is cheaper and easier. Majority of the modern hotels in most tourist sites have accessible rooms. However, book your reservation in advance to avoid missing a great spot.

Plan your route carefully

Once you know your destination, embark on deciding the route to follow. Basically, there are several ways to get to most tour destinations. Some routes have smooth pavements, flat terrains, and wheelchair ramps. Others are simply bothersome and unsuitable for travelers with disabilities. It’s therefore important that you plan the route to follow carefully. You can find accessibility information online and use it to plan the route to follow.

Decide on the place to stay

Before you leave your home, decide on the place to stay during the trip. Choose an accessible hotel to enhance your convenience or a place that has accessible restaurants around. Essentially, conduct an extensive research of the neighborhood of the hotel where you opt to stay.

Prepare for the unexpected

No matter how perfect your plans are, something unexpected can happen. It’s therefore important to prepare to deal with it before you leave your home. For instance, have someone that can help you ready. Additionally, be flexible and focused on ensuring that the unexpected events will not make your trip the worst experience.

These are some of the things that enable travelers with disabilities to plan their trips and have amazing travel experiences. Follow them if you are planning a trip or helping people with disabilities plan theirs.

5 Reasons to Travel More









The challenging, modern lifestyle makes creating time to travel difficult for some people. Essentially, many people love traveling but they lack time for it. But, what they don’t know is that failing to travel deprives them the opportunity to have new experiences.

Here are the top 5 reasons to travel more this year:

1. Cultural interconnectivity

Traveling inspires cultural interconnectivity. It creates a cultural conversation. That’s why people that travel more often have a wider global perspective. Visiting an unfamiliar place enables you to realize that 99% of the human population is there to assist you and not to hurt you.

2. Disconnecting from daily life stresses

When you travel, you disconnect from things that stress you every day and engage in exciting surroundings. You abandon your fixed schedule or routine and enjoy a new experience and spontaneity. By the time you go back, you feel fresh and renewed.

3. Exposure

Traveling exposes you to diverse perspectives, passions, and cultures. Ultimately, this makes you a more enlightened and engaged citizen. Thus, you lead a more fulfilled life when you travel. You learn to embrace an inquisitive approach that you apply to traveling when faced with something unfamiliar.

4. Adventure

It feels exhilarating to conquer a fresh territory. It’s natural for humans to crave for new experiences. Traveling enables you to tap into this craving. Traveling is basically an adventure during which you do exciting, different things. It gives you a chance to do things that you can’t do at your home.

5. Strengthening or building relationships

Going on a romantic trip, family getaway, or a long weekend with friends strengthens relationships. With the demands of the modern lifestyle, it’s easy for relatives and friends to lack time to spend together. Traveling gives parents, friends, children, and grandparents an opportunity to explore the world together.

If you have not travelled for a while consider these reasons and start traveling more often.

What Makes Traveling the Best Education?








There are infinite wonders, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and experiences on earth. Although much education is acquired in classrooms and reading textbooks, these avenues get jobs done without providing a fulfilling experience like traveling. Traveling gives you a chance to see the world, broaden your intellectual, spiritual, and cultural education.

Here are some of the reasons why traveling provides the best education:


Traveling tests your patience, fortitude, and will. As a traveler, you are likely to see your plans fall awry. Your boarding passes might get lost, your ride may show up late, and your suitcases can explode. This can happen at once and you have to cope with it. Traveling will therefore teach you how to improvise and handle everything independently.

Explore history

Traveling gives you an opportunity to play an adventurer’s role. It gives you a chance to discover new knowledge artifacts. You pore through the indigenous texts, view overlooked landmarks, embrace the fascinating art styles, and study events that shaped other nations. Understanding the history of a foreign country enables you to comprehend its motivations, social habits, and politics.

Explore cultural disparities

When traveling, you interact and communicate with people whose culture differs from yours. You also explore different social expectations, manners, and cuisines that characterize other cultures. This broadens your perspective while making you a global citizen.

Understand cultural similarities

Once you discover what makes one culture different from the other, you also notice common grounds of different cultures. For instance, do people of different cultures love art? Does their communication put emphasis on body language? How about social and moral values? This comparison enables you to know what creates cultural barriers among people.

Learn foreign languages

To communicate with people in a country where English is not a primary language, you have to learn their language. Once you arrive at that country, you will improve your skills in that language by talking to its native speakers. This will enhance your speaking and listening capabilities.

The ultimate goal of traveling is to learn. Therefore, take it whole-heartedly and maintain an open mind while traveling.